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Phone: 402-934-4750
The Quilt Studio
4429 So. 50th St. Omaha, NE 68117

T-Shirt Quilts

Yes we make t-shirt quilts!...


The pricing for our custom t-shirt quilts includes the following:

1. Cutting t-shirt to size.
2. Applying fusible interfacing to backs of logos.
3. Recutting to square for blocks (12.5" for small shirts and up to 16.5" for large shirts)
4. Cutting and sewing sashing (fabric strips between grid layout)
5. Adding additional border to grid layout.

The price for the service above is $150.00

Additional costs will be calculated to the size of the completed top.
1. Backing fabric (wide backs in our store are more economical)
2. Batting, we prefer a light weight cotton such as Dream Cotton Select, available in our store.
3. Quilting, any quilting pattern on our longarm quilting site
4. Binding, we do a double fold french binding sewn by machine for durability.

For a full size quilt you will need 9-12 shirts.
A queen sized quilt you will need 20-24 shirts
A king sized quilt you will need  25-40 shirts.

The size of the quilt can be made larger by adding additional borders at a cost of $20 per border.

Turnaround time is generally one month.